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Looking For The Right Sunny Isles Beach Area Family Law Attorney Who Actually Listens to Your Situation and Goals, Is Highly Rated, Does Not Complicate Cases For Extra Billing, Truly Cares and Can Help You Through Your Legal Issue?

  • Your lawyer can protect your kid’s childhood.
  • Be a better dad after you’re divorced.
  • Kids aren’t dumb, they know you want a divorce.
  • Is your home environment difficult? You have Options!
  • Are you worried that your spouse might take half of your business?
  • Is your toxic marriage affecting your career or business?
  • Are you concerned about doing what’s best for your children?

Why Choose Divorce & Mediation Law Firm?

  • Highly Reviewed & Rated – Superb rating from respected legal website Avvo. Avvo Clients’ Choice Award 2020, Avvo Top Contributor Award 2020.
  • Bilingual – Our bilingual law firm is passionate about helping people protect their children and assets during divorce and other family law matters.
  • You Can Divorce With Dignity – We replace aggression with understanding and use collaboration & conversation to reach fair results.
  • Highly Responsive – We strive for rapid return calls. No going dark or waiting days to hear back.
  • We Take Complex and Difficult Cases – This is where tenacity and knowledge of the law matter. We do what’s necessary, even in challenging situations.
  • Experienced – Our attorneys have had years of experience in handling divorces for doctors, business owners, and executives, and we are 100% dedicated to divorce and family law. Serving individuals with high net worth, our skilled divorce attorneys will protect your assets.
  • Honesty and Transparency – You’ve made an important decision in your life. We respect you for that. Our approach focuses on efficiency and speed to resolve cases as quickly as we can to get your life back to normal sooner.
  • Caring & Compassionate (Truly) – We have a personal connection to divorce and family law matters. We know what it takes, even in extraordinarily difficult situations.
  • Personalized Attention – We understand and respect that every client’s needs are unique. We treat all of our clients with the attention they deserve.
  • No Surprises on Fees and Costs – You will always know the hourly rate or flat fee upfront.
  • We Keep You Updated – We know the details of your case are important to you. We want you to know what’s happening with your case at all points in the process.
  • Because Your Family and Happiness Are at Stake – The smoother and fairer this process goes, the better the post-divorce interactions tend to be. This is better for the children (when applicable), you, and your ex-spouse.

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Family Law Situations We Assist You With

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody and Time-Sharing / Visitation
  • Parents’ and Grandparents’ Rights
  • Spousal Support / Alimony
  • Child Support
  • Child Relocation
  • Division of Property/Assets and Liabilities
  • Separation Agreements
  • Paternity
  • Pre-Nuptial and Post Nuptial Agreements
  • Relocation / Removal Issues
  • And Other Related Legal Issues

Our exclusive Platinum Class Service (Concierge Service) provides a service level expected by busy, successful professionals, through technology and dedicated support staff working closely with the proper forensic expert team.

We understand that people in different situations have different needs and concerns, and we help them find their way.

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Client Reviews – Divorce & Mediation Law Firm (Cabanas Law Firm)

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Actual Words Clients Have Used to Describe Us and Their Experience

“very professional and caring,” “Excellent service!,” “takes the time to explain the process and lay out your options,” “put my interests first and provided excellent legal advice,” “I came in so emotional about my situation and your team was so sympathetic and understanding to me especially the office manager and Laura. I left feeling confident knowing I had representation going forward.,” “Mr. Cabanas is knowledgeable, efficient and most importantly he cares.,” “they are the best,” “highly recommend him to anyone in need of a good, honest lawyer,” “whole staff is so loving and caring and they make you feel at home and in the best hands,” “My divorce settlement was smooth and fast,” “If I am ever in need of legal counsel again I would not hesitate to reach out to him and his team.,” “A fantastic law firm organization!! Great customer service and support from the beginning to the end of the process.,” “I will recommend Cabanas Law Firm unreservedly.,” “The Cabanas Law firm team is exceptional.,” “The front office is attentive, the wait time is minimal and you get clear instructions and individual care,” “Very proactive, respectful, patient with my mother’s difficulty to properly sign.,” “gave my case the utmost care and were sensitive to me and my mother’s situation and needs,” “did a great job as well! I will definitely refer them to all my family and friends,” “they are all top professionals and handle everything with a highest sense of urgency and care,” “if I can give them 10 stars I would, thank you guys so Much!,” “The attorneys at Cabanas Law Firm are the best and work really hard to get the case done fast.,” “In the darkest hours it was refreshing to find such an amazing group of people to help me see the light at the end of the tunnel. From the moment I first called I felt like I had someone on my side to help me.,” “Thanks to the expertise of this firm, I was able to avoid a costly and time-consuming legal process. I highly recommend this law firm to everybody who needs a family law attorney that is competent, professional and efficient.”

If these things are what you are looking for in a law firm, then contact us to see how we can help you and your family.

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About Family Law Issues

Family Law in Florida includes a wide range of legal issues involving marriage, children, and general family. Sometimes the legal issues are interrelated where multiple issues are involved at once such as a divorce that may include child custody, visitation and more. Family Law is about helping families and individuals manage the legal, financial, and emotional issues involved in facing a new and uncertain future. It is about our legal team being human, sensitive, and empathetic to this big change that is occurring in you and your family’s lives. We’re here to help. Contact us and see how.

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Guiding You Towards a New Beginning

The Divorce & Mediation Law Firm has helped hundreds of clients with their family law needs and goals. We will guide you step by step through the issues that must be addressed in divorce – including property division, alimony and spousal support, child custody and visitation, and child support – and will carefully and compassionately explain the divorce process, develop strategies to meet your needs, and discuss possible outcomes with you.

Don’t get divorced without the guidance of legal counsel. Protect your legal rights before and after separation by speaking with an attorney who can provide legal advice specific to your situation. We can help you protect your future and plan for a new beginning.

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We welcome your questions and want to understand your situation to help you move forward and achieve the peace of mind that comes with having everything done properly and efficiently. Since time is often critical to ensure the best result, contact us now by calling us for one-on-one assistance at (954) 447-2580(954) 447-2580 with your questions, a description of your situation, or to schedule a consultation. You may also simply fill out the form above on this page. Your form will be directly emailed to our office. You can expect a reply within one business day and often within hours the same day. All information is confidential.