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If you’ve been on the edge of beginning the divorce process or aren’t sure whether or not your relationship is headed toward a divorce, you’re not out of the ordinary – many spouses find themselves wondering if they should continue in the relationship. Every relationship runs into some issues, so if only a few of these apply to your marriage, consider counseling or discussing issues with your partner to overcome them. If your relationship sounds similar to several of these red flags, a divorce may be what you need to move on from a draining marriage.

You’ve Tried to Fix Things and Failed, or Given Up Trying

If you’ve already tried to fix the relationship several times or worked with counselors to get over seemingly insurmountable issues, and nothing has worked, continuing to do so may become exhausting. Some marriages reach a point where no effort is made to repair the relationship, either because neither person knows how to or because they don’t think they can. In either case, a divorce is likely if you’re unable to fix fundamental issues in the relationship.

Your Partner Comes Home Late Every Night

This can be one of the hardest issues to deal with. Unfortunately, there’s often no easy way, and some sort of confrontation becomes necessary. It could be as simple as asking what’s going on – maybe they’ve needed to work late, or are spending some time with their friends. Asking about what they’re doing after work is justified if you feel that their time with you has been neglected, as spending time together is always a necessary part of any relationship.

Sometimes, however, a dawdling spouse is what we fear most. If your partner has turned to infidelity, divorce may be the only solution you can land on.

One (Or Both) Of You Have Changed

It’s a simple fact of life – people change. If you or your partner simply aren’t who you used to be, the relationship could suffer as a result. Alongside personalities, your priorities and values may have changed enough that your spouse isn’t the person you fell in love with. If your spouse has changed enough that they feel like a different person, it’s easy to fall out of love. These differences can eventually lead to conflict in a marriage, and for some, a divorce.


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