7 Signs It Might Be Time To Say Goodbye To Your Marriage

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No matter the circumstances surrounding a divorce, choosing whether or not to end your marriage is a deeply personal and complex decision. You might be conflicted by your thoughts and feelings when it comes to your spouse, as a relationship is a sensitive and intimate matter. However, if you’ve found yourself considering divorce, parting ways might be your best option. While there is no definitive checklist that universally indicates the need for a divorce, below are 7 signs it might be time for you to say goodbye to your spouse:

1) Irreconcilable differences. 

Are you and your spouse at odds recently? As you’ve aged throughout your marriage, you might have noticed yourself changing, especially if you married at a young age. It is possible that your values, goals, or lifestyle have developed in a way that may no longer coincide with your spouses’. This can cause a rift in your marriage if you and your spouse no longer see eye-to-eye on things like politics, religion, morals, and more. While it’s not impossible to overcome your differences, that might not be a challenge either one of you are up for. Key differences can lead to a division of basic compatibility. In fact, basic incompatibility (an irreconcilable difference) is the leading cause for divorce in the United States, and the most common basis for granting a no-fault divorce.

2) Infidelity

Did your spouse not come home last night? Are you wondering if they’re with someone else? An emotional or physical affair, also known as infidelity, is a betrayal of trust in a marriage and the second leading cause of divorce in the United States. If your spouse has broken your marriage vows and lost your trust, it can be hard to repair what’s been damaged, even if they’re apologetic and pledge not to do it again. While infidelity doesn’t have to be, and may not be fatal to your relationship, choosing to “forgive and forget,” as they say, is entirely up to you.

3) Abuse

Abuse is another sign it might be time to separate from your partner. It comes in several forms including emotional, physical, and verbal. Abusive behavior can be learned, or a result of childhood trauma, due to substance abuse, mental health issues, and more.

Unfortunately, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men are physically abused by an intimate partner, which can not only damage the trust in a relationship but instill a fear of being around your spouse. While there are psychological reasons abuse occurs, it doesn’t justify the behavior. If you’re being physically abused, it is important to seek help immediately. 

4) Addictions

Addiction is another sign that might lead you to saying goodbye to your spouse. Substance abuse can not only cause issues in your marriage, but other relationships you and your spouse share collectively, especially those with your children. Whether your spouse abuses alcohol, opioids, sedatives, cannabis, hallucinogens, or something else, addiction to these substances has been proven to lead to domestic violence in many cases as being inebriated by drugs or alcohol can cause one to lose control of their restraint.

5) Lack Of Intimacy

The absence of emotional and/or physical intimacy can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction, and can be damaging to other aspects of your relationship. For example, many marriages that lack intimacy end up resulting in one partner being unfaithful to the other. If you and your partner can connect in one way, but are unable to in others, there might be ways to work through it, or this might be an irreconcilable difference between the two of you.

6) Loss Of Connection

This is a sign that coincides with a lack of intimacy. Many spouses can feel disconnected with their significant other for a variety of reasons that stem from a disconnection. Factors related to a loss of connection include but are not limited to:

  • Work
  • Family
  • Outside relationships
  • Lack of interest in the others likes/dislikes
  • Lack of help with children
  • And more.

7) Financial Inconsistencies 

Issues related to money often lead to substantial conflict in a marriage. In fact, financial inconsistencies are the third highest leading cause of divorce in the United States. There are several financial inconsistencies that can cause a divide in your relationship, and might hinder you from moving forward with your spouse. If you and your spouse are in disagreement regarding your financial priorities, who’s in charge of the finances, secrecy, spending, budgeting, unequal contributions, or more, you might lack the desire to put effort into other aspects of your relationship, making it challenging to stay afloat.

What Are My Options Going Forward? 

If any of these things are affecting your marriage, it might be time to consider the possibility of divorcing your spouse. Along with making that decision comes other stressors like asset and property distribution, custody of children if you have them, child and spousal support, and more. It is likely you’re overwhelmed and wondering what your options are.

In Florida, there iscontested divorce and uncontested divorce. Either way, you cannot be denied a divorce. Florida is a “no fault” divorce state. Depending on the circumstances of your relationship with your spouse, you might be able to reach a resolution amicably through the mediation process, or you might have a spouse who is non-compliant or intent on raising conflict, in which case the divorce would be contested.

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If you feel you’ve made a mistake in your marriage, are reluctant to return home, find yourself doubting your spouse, or are fed up with incessant fighting, it might be time to discover your options for going your separate ways. At Divorce & Mediation Law Firm | Cabanas Law Firm, we want to help you remove any toxicity from your life and make a change for the better. We understand how intimidating the divorce process can seem, but it doesn’t have to keep you from finding happiness. Our skilled divorce and mediation attorneys have the experience and knowledge that can give you an advantage in your divorce and help you reach the best possible outcome. Life is too short to be in the wrong relationship. If you’re having doubts and are looking for seasoned guidance and support, call and request a consultation today to learn more about your next steps.

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